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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Make the Right Food Diet

Ideal body weight is ideal women like us. Surely lush body will make us prosperous so confident plus size clothing is hard to find.

Still, do not carelessly lose weight with slimming pills to swallow, yes. How to diet by adjusting the diet is the best. There are a variety of ways so that you do not fail diets. The way we suggest is the following.

Try to combine the vegetables, fruit and protein in your diet, either breakfast, lunch or dinner. For example, vegetables or a vegetable omelet with chicken sauce. Or it could also combine carbohydrates with fiber. For example, rice and vegetables and fruit. This diet will lower your weight regularly.

Adjust the size of the meal with the recommended weight. For example, as much as 200 grams of carbohydrates, 500 grams of fiber and so on. The importance of knowing your food intake will make you lose control of the food.

Make no mistake, it's snacking needs, you know. But choose fiber-rich snack. Pureed fruit or green bean and almond with a dose of 200 grams can be a good and healthy snack for your body. Try to avoid foods cooked using oil (fried) or burned. Choose foods that are boiled or steamed.

Good luck and good luck with the diet!